Product Development

04_Product_DevelopmentEach new product development project will follow slightly different paths depending upon the client expectations and the nature of the product. Our Product Design and Development Process is personalized for each and every project. At times we have been presented with a new product idea that has gone through several of these development phases but is stalled for one reason or another. We are able to pick up a partially developed project and take to any level in the Design and Development Process. Our client controls the timeline. Each project is unique. A strategic plan based on executable milestones is established.

Never far from where the product eventually needs to end up, our process can go from concept through to its arrival at the consumer’s door. We design based on need, market, and price.┬áThis can include industrial design, prototyping, sourcing, creative services including branding and package design, shipping and fulfillment. With experience with companies like Select Comfort, Leggett and Platt, American Recreation Products; we have the expertise to get the project done.

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