Supply Chain Management

Cost ReductionPrototyping
Producing cost effective working prototypes is a tricky business. But the right prototype can have a big impact. Customers and investors would always prefer to have a working model to based decisions on. We provide high quality low cost samples of developmental products out of a variety of materials.

Developing a network of reliable suppliers is critical part of all business. Want to explore manufacturing overseas? The task can be overwhelming. We have qualified process of identifying new factories quickly.

Quality Control
It can make or break a business! Our team of qualified QC inspectors will provide on site inspections of your products as they are being produced, packed and shipped. Our years of experience have allowed us to apply our inspection process to a wide array of products.

Overseas Staffing
For experienced importers, instead of investing in fixed assets in China we can allocated dedicated staff out of our office space to focus solely on your business. Want your own staff overseas but don’t want the hassle?


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